By Paz


The future…

Unable to control the overwhelming rise in crime and anti social behaviour the government turns to the latest discovery from a biotech corporation.

A virus engineered to control human emotions and impulses is hurriedly tested on dangerous criminals. Encouraged by early positive results mass production of the virus hailed as ‘The Solution’ is ordered and hundreds of violent individuals are forcibly cured.

Soon after, extreme reactions to the virus are reported as all patients turned into aggressive and highly contagious ‘savages’.

Within a few months over 80% of the UK population is infected.

Survivors seek refuge on islands along the Western coast of Great Britain as the country is quarantined and all communications with the rest of the world stopped.

The Savages gain control of mainland Britain and organise themselves in small tribes controlling sources of food and water.

Two years later, a remote research centre on the Western coast of England discovers a cure to the virus. With limited resources a small sample of the anti-virus is developed and entrusted onto three soldiers.

Their orders: travel across hostile lands and safely deliver the sample of the anti-virus to a Medical Research Centre in Norway.

Pursued by Savages, haunted by their own demons and with only a few days to reach the Norwegian team in North Shields, the three men will need all their wits and strengths to survive this mission…

The Solution is a horror action movie filmed entirely in the North East of England. A thrilling story with great action sequences and surprising scenes of deserted regional landmarks, The Solution will keep you guessing till the end.

2 Responses to “The Solution”

  1. July 22, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    The ideas here is pretty interesting. I have discovered quite a few tactics.

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