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1575, Japan, the Battle of Nagashino in the Mikawa Province (Nagashino no Tatakai) is coming to a brutal end. 

Takeda Katsuyori is leading his troops for a final assault on Nagashino

His cavalry charge is halted by the arrival of Oda Nobunaga using Western-style tactics and firearms. Only a handful of soldiers survived.

Separated from their comrades and dazed by the sound and smoke from rifles and cannons, two brothers Kohitsuji and Rishisune manage to escape from the carnage.

Several days later, exhausted and barely getting away from scouts under the orders of Oda Nobunaga they eventually seek refuge in a dense wood.

Little do they realise that they have entered an area local villagers sometimes refer to as ‘Bachiatari Mokuzai’ (Cursed Wood) although that name is rarely uttered out loud.

Quickly Kohitsuji and Rishisune become the target of an enraged spirit, or Kami, who will stop at nothing to ensure that they do not leave the wood alive.

Fighting for their lives in a strange land, the two brothers are facing a formidable foe.

But how can you defeat what is already dead?


Derek - Close UpPascal - Close UpPaul - Close UpSimon - Close UpSteve - Close Up

The crew of Land of the Kami from left to right: Derek, Pascal, Paul, Simon and Steve.

6 Responses to “Land of the Kami”

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